Best Cat Scratching Post

Cats have an all natural instinct to climb, rest off the bottom and keep their claws razor-sharp by scratching. A pet cat tree activity centre is the perfect place for your kitty to learn, experience and rest. Scratching posts make a great option to your furniture for your pet cat to sharpen their claws on. The below cat scratchers have been reviewed by

– Pet Classy Kitty Cat Carpet Scratching Post
– Best for multisurface scratching
– Budget pick: Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip

But with a wide variety of types available, how will you choose which scratching post or cat tree is most beneficial for you as well as your cat?
From a simple scratching post, to an extravagance custom-made pet cat tower with multiple levels, there is something for any cats, and every budgets. It is possible to spend anything between £10 and £200, but how will you decide which is best and also cost effective?

Pet Cat Scratching post and cat Tree buying guide

Price and Quality

As with a lot of things in life, it is sometimes worth spending a bit more to ensure you procure quality products. The cheaper domestic feline towers may appear to be much initially, nonetheless they aren’t always as strong as a few of the more costly alternatives.
The cheaper products are also generally made out of less-sturdy materials, this means they could be less secure and much more likely to be knocked over if you have especially full of energy or large cats.

Size and Weight

Another essential aspect to take into consideration is size. A number of the larger pet cat towers may take up a great deal of room, and could be very heavy. Some towers can be mounted on the roof or wall for extra security.
When you have several cats, a more substantial tower with multiple levels and sleeping places means your entire furry friends will get somewhere to relax and play.

Additionally it is recommended a scratching post be high enough for your kitty to loosen up completely when they scrape, so for the average sized cat you ought to be looking for one that reaches least 60cm high. It should likewise have a durable platform, therefore, the post doesn’t get knocked over when they lean against it. More of this can be read on