Welcome to Liely cattery, devoted to the most unusual breed of Sphynx, so unusual and beloved cats.
Our cattery situated in the warm continent of Middle east; the sun and a favorable climate allows us to grow up our cats healthy, strong and beautiful!
The main goal of our cattery is improving sphynxes type, as much as possible to approach it to the standards of FIFe system, where our cattery is registered.
All our cats are checked and free from: FIV, FIP, FELV, HCM.

Sphynx Cats - lielysphynxcattery

In our site you can find lots of usefull information such as history of Sphynx breed , genetics, special grooming for hairless cats, helpful articleson the Sphynx , more pictures of naked cats and charming, wrinkled kittens, common standarts show news !!

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